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何張淑婉慈善基金  項目總監

Project Director, Ho Cheung Shuk Yuen Charitable Foundation.

Dr Chan Chui King, Liliane was first trained as a registered social worker, then furthered her study on mental health, and later obtained the Doctor of Health Science. Dr Chan has more than 25 years of experience in social work practice, especially in elderly and dementia services. Her exposures include professional frontline practice, social service administration as well as new service development in the NGOs of Hong Kong.

At present, Dr Chan is the Project Director of Ho Cheung Shuk Yuen Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors with particular emphasis on early dementia and makes grants to enrich the lives of seniors by enhancing their psycho-social well-being and improving their cognitive functions, so as to facilitate aging in place with respect and dignity. The Foundation supports innovative projects, promotes multi-disciplinary collaboration and encourages evidence-based practice. The partnership for impact in enhancing the quality of life for the elders and carers is reflected in the funded projects – identifying needs in the community, drawing on expertise from the academia, forming collaborative partners to build up evidence-based practice. The impact will be furthered by building up strategic partnerships with NGOs on capacity building, and encouraging collaboration with other like-minded funders / organizations, bringing knowledge and practice integration to a new level.



周大福慈善基金 秘書長

周大福慈善基金(基金)是由鄭裕彤博士及其家族成員於2012 年創立的私人家族基金會,致力為有需要的群體提供資源及發展機會,以提升個人能力,累積社會資本,推動社會持續發展。基金資助的慈善項目涵蓋四個主要範疇,包括教育、社區、醫療健康及緊急援助。透過與非牟利機構、學術團體、以至其它家族基金會等合作及撥款支持公益項目,基金爲有需要群體提供適切時的支援。

A private family foundation established by Dr. Cheng Yu-Tung and his family in 2012, Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation (the Foundation) is committed to providing opportunities and resources for the underprivileged, empowering individuals and accumulating social capital for sustainable social development.

The Foundation funds charitable projects in four key areas, including education, community, healthcare and emergency relief. By collaborating with non-profit organisations, academic institutions and other family foundations, the Foundation make grants to provide timely assistance to those in need.




Shih Wing Ching Foundation is a family-owned charitable foundation found in 1994. The Foundation aims to support underprivileged and disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong by improving their quality of life. In addition to making grants to like-minded organisations, the Foundaiton also initiates and self-direct charitable projects in respond to the social needs in Hong Kong. At present, the Foundation’s four main funding areas are family, community, mental health, and emergency support.



浸信會愛羣社會服務處  義務資訊科技及管理高級顧問

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浸信會愛羣社會服務處  助理總幹事

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